2016 Global Graphene Industry Survey and Report

With more than 440 replies from graphene experts and stakeholders in 57 countries, this groundbreaking report was the result of initial requests from several government agencies that wanted current information about the state of the graphene industry. 

We have analyzed and distilled the information we collected into this compact 35 page report.  We asked the people that know and understand graphene the most (scientists, researchers, producers, academics, distributers and end-users), a series of insightful questions. Including;

  • What industries and applications will be most impacted by graphene? 
  • What should government do to support the development of a sustainable commercial graphene market? 
  • What are the biggest obstacles to developing a commercial market for graphene? 
  • How does the EU compare with the US regarding government support for graphene development? 
  • When do you feel there will be a viable market established for graphene? 

This is the first truly global survey of stakeholders involved in the research, development, application, production, distribution and sales of graphene. 

Learn what these experts think of the current and future prospects for graphene materials as a commercial market, and what role government should play in that development. 

 35 pages of content delivered as a downloadable PDF file.