Graphenano develops a graphene additive for leather

Graphene is a new State of the art material. New in the field of tanning. Aware of this, Graphenano Leather is currently investigating how to apply this material as a reinforcement to improve the mechanical tensile properties of the skins to prevent tearing, puncturing, and abrasion resistance of the finished product, in addition to increasing the water-repellent and antibacterial properties. With this additive, it solves the problem of weakness and loss of strength in tanned hides in wet-white when tanned with chromium salts. 

It is not an additive suitable for the tanning of the skin, but to use it as a reinforcing agent in the tanning process. Leather Graphenano is working on figuring out what the appropriate stages of the production process to incorporate these nanoparticles of graphene: If in the tanning or in the finishing of leather. 

The reinforcing properties graphene is valid for all types of leather for footwear, and leather goods. Such as clothing and upholstery. In fact, Graphenano Leather is already testing the additive with large aerospace and automotive companies, as well as three of the biggest names in Spanish footwear.With the aim of introducing this new graphene technology in their products.