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In a major breakthrough, Hexagon Resources Ltd (ASX:HXG) in collaboration with the University of Adelaide has produced graphene using a flake graphite sample from the McIntosh project.

Graphene is a thin single layer of pure carbon atoms bonded together in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

Graphene has been hailed as one of the greatest untapped discoveries in modern history.

Results from this study indicate that Hexagon’s graphite has potential to be used for the increased scale of graphene production.

These graphene test work results will be sent to currently engaged commercial graphene groups.

Hexagon's CEO, Tony Cormack commented: “The McIntosh project continues to deliver.

"These outstanding graphene test work results add another dimension to the project with the potential to also produce high value graphene. Whilst the graphene sector is in its infancy the potential uses and upside is significant.

"The key driver will be the capacity to produce commercial quantities of graphene. These exceptional test work results achieved from a bulk scale representative sample from McIntosh gives Hexagon that capacity”.

Test work results

The graphene was able to be produced from Hexagon’s ultra-high purity graphite (+99.9% total carbon) and was successfully demonstrated using all three exfoliation methods.

A high yield of graphene was extracted from graphite at approximately >90%. 

The graphene was produced via several methods including a ‘green method’ without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Graphene produced from Hexagon’s high-purity graphite samples have comparable quality to graphene currently available on the market.



The test work program conducted by the University of Adelaide used samples from the McIntosh Flake Graphite Project in the East Kimberley, Western Australia.

The test work program evaluated the extraction of graphene using 3 exfoliation methods and determined the quality and yield of the isolated graphene.

The program also analysed the McIntosh flake graphite concentrate by characterising its physical, electrical, structural and chemical composition.

Hexagon recently commenced a pre-feasibility study (PFS) three months ahead of schedule at McIntosh
The PFS will build upon the detailed conceptual study completed by CSA Global in April, 2015.
Stage 1 of the PFS will focus on engineering design and optimisation as well as build on the process metallurgy and design as previously completed by BatteryLimits.



Graphene is attracting more and more investment and research with high growth forecasts for the graphene market over the coming decade.

These graphene test work results indicate that Hexagon’s graphite has the capacity to produce commercial quantities of graphene.

Hexagon is proving to be a leader in the field of ultra-high purity graphite, which is deserving of a first mover premium.

The share price remains in its uptrend since November 2015 under the guidance of new management under Tony Cormack.

One of the world's largest hedge funds, Och-Ziff Capital Management is currently the company's largest shareholder.