Research grants for Haydale graphene products

A number of new graphene-enhanced products were on the cards at Haydale on Tuesday, with the awarding of a number of British government research grants to the firm totalling £350,000.

The AIM-traded company, focused on enabling technology for the commercialisation of graphene and other nano materials, said the grants were to accelerate the development of new products.

Projects funded by the grants included the development of electrically-conductive graphene-enhanced adhesives for aircraft structures, multi-functional composite materials to detect and prevent ice build-up on structures, graphene-reinforced polyolefin materials for lightweight extruded products, epoxy resins with improved durability and thermal cycling performance, and graphene-enhanced carbon-carbon composite materials for use in high performance brake systems.

Haydale anticipated April start dates for the projects, which were subject to the completion of various standard conditions in relation to finalisation of the grant awards.

"I am extremely pleased that the British Government recognises the potential that graphene and other nanomaterials offer and are backing British business to develop the next generation of materials here in the UK," said CEO Ray Gibbs.

"Haydale will be collaborating with leading global organisations across the aerospace, automotive, rail and marine markets and these projects will enable us to expand our technical team and our capabilities in these areas," he added.