Joint Transnational Call brings in 13 new projects

Graphene Flagship will take on board 13 partnering projects, as a result of a Joint Transnational Call, with a total budget of 9,9 million €.

The Joint Transnational Call, initially launched in October 2014 by FLAG-ERA, is designed to expand the current flagship to new researchers while also supporting researchers already in the flagship. Thus, strengthening the Graphene Flagship to achieve its science and technology targets.

Speaking of this latest development, Graphene Flagship director Professor Jari Kinaret says, “The Joint Transnational Call strengthens the Graphene Flagship greatly on the lower technology readiness levels, and demonstrates a good alignment between the EC-funded part of the Flagship and the investments by the member states. We are looking forward to working with these projects and the organisations participating in them.” 

Among the 13 new project, four are in the scientific area of advanced nanofabrication and spintronics, three are in the area of new layered materials and heterostructures, while the others cover various different areas: immunogenomics and proteomics; biological and chemical sensors; functional coatings; nanofluidic applications; computational modelling of devices and systems and prototypes.

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