SPIE Photonics Europe 2016 - Workshop: Graphene-based Photonics Technology

Brussels, Belgium

SPIE Photonics Europe 2016 is the premier research conference in Europe presenting metamaterials, nanophotonics, biophotonics, quantum technologies, optical sensing, photonic fibers, and laser technologies among others.

In 2016, look for a new conference on quantum technologies and new workshops on graphene and 2D materials that have been added to this comprehensive technical programme.


SPECIAL WORKSHOP Graphene-based Photonics Technology Transitioning from Research to Commercialisation (05April)

Hear the latest from leading experts on graphene applications and commercialisation

Graphene-based Photonics Technology: Transitioning from Research to Commercialisation is a one-day workshop at SPIE Photonics Europe focused on graphene applications and commercialisation. Learn about current challenges and the latest breakthroughs, hear from leading experts, and participate in discussion periods. Don’t miss this unique workshop— space is limited, reserve your seat today.


 5 April, 2016 · 08:30 to 17:05
08:30-08:35Welcome and opening remarks by Frank Koppens and Nathalie Vermeulen
 Session 1:  Integrated Photonic Devices for Data Communications
08:35-09:00Graphene integrated photonics for next generation optical communications (Romagnoli)
09:00-09:20Graphene-based photonics - enabler for future broadband communication solutions? (Templ)
09:20-09:40Integrated graphene photonics: from electronic physics to photonic functionalities (Gu)
09:40-10:00Photodetection using 2D materials (Tielrooij)
10:00-10:20Discussion Period
10:20-10:50Coffee Break in Hall 100
 Session 2:  IR and THz Applications in Detection and Sensing
10:50-11:15THz detection with graphene and CNT field-effect transistors (Roskos)
11:15-11:35Graphene-based thermal detectors for infrared imaging (Colli)
11:35-12:002-D materials directly deposited on dielectrics for transparent optoelectronic devices (Pruneri)
12:00-12:20Non-linear optical excitation of surface plasmons in graphene (Constant)
12:20-12:45Two-dimensional materials and heterostructures as a novel platform for optoelectronics (Goykhman)
12:45-13:00Discussion Period
13:00-14:00Lunch Break in Hall 100
 Session 3:  Wafer Scale Processing and Integration
14:00-14:20Development of a 200 mm wafer graphene technology platform (Lupina)
14:20-14:40The challenges and opportunities of CMOS compatible integration of 2D materials for photonics technology (Huyghebaert)
14:40-15:05Ultrahigh-mobility graphene devices from chemical vapor deposition on reusable copper (Stampfer)
15:05-15:15Discussion Period
15:15-15:30Coffee Break in Hall 100
Session 4:  Interested Industries and Panel Discussion on Commercialisation
15:30-17:00Rapid presentations and panel discussion
Panel topic: commercialising graphene-based technologies-next steps and challenges (Goossens, Huygebaert, Jørgensen, Neumaier)
17:00-17:05Closing remarks by Frank Koppens and Nathalie Vermeulen