Graphene Study 2016

Les Houches, France

The Graphene Study is a component of the Graphene Flagship that aims to build tightly integrated community and create new direct communication channels between young and experienced researchers in the field.

The programme covers four closely related topics of the Graphene Flagship:

  • Energy
  • Biomedicine
  • Sensors
  • Membranes

The goal of the school is to bring together students working on related areas of research with experienced scientists from academia and industry. Apart from the formal lectures and poster sessions, the school offers ample opportunities for private discussions and community building. The school’s social programme further strengthens the informal network among the participants, which is of a great value in such broad research endeavour as the Graphene Flagship.

The Graphene Flagship considers the Graphene Study an important vehicle in fostering the next generation of graphene researchers and a key element in the continuous renewal of the Flagship during its decade long voyage.