Graphene Connect – Energy Applications

Dresden, Germany

Graphene Connect – Energy Applications
Would you like to deepen your knowledge about the industrial relevance of graphene in energy solutions, e.g. batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells?

We welcome you to the industrial workshop Graphene Connect – Energy applications, in Dresden, Germany. Meet your future graphene collaborators and learn about the state of the art in graphene energy applications – from the laboratory to scale-up applications.

Registration deadline, 25 August 2014.

Registration for the industry workshop is a two-step process. First, in the expression of interest, you introduce yourself, your interests in graphene and what you wish to achieve with participating in the workshop. The workshop organisers assess your expression of interest, and if you fit the profile for participating in the workshop, you will be invited by email to confirm your registration for the workshop and the optional dinner, reserve a hotel room and pay online.

The purpose of this two-step registration is to ensure that the persons attending the workshop are primarily from industry, inventors or entrepreneurs, and therefore may contribute to fruitful discussions with focus on applications.

Fees and costs
Workshop: EUR 130
Hotel: EUR 79 single room per night or EUR 88 double room per night
Dinner: (20 October): EUR 21

The programme includes a popular presentation on graphene, highlights on energy related activities of the Graphene Flagship, as well as presentations on the industry perspective and expectation on graphene in energy applications as solar cells, fuel cells, battery and supercapacitors.

The main activity during the workshop is discussion groups on energy related topics, aiming at giving you new R&D contacts and inspiration to new innovation projects. The workshop targets participants from large and small companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists, working with energy related applications.

Popular scientific presentation:
“Graphene in energy devices, state of the art” by E. Quesnel, CEA-Liten, Work Package Leader of Energy Applications.

Spotlight on the Graphene Flagship activities:

“Solar cell production” by Toby Meier, Solaronix
“Fuel cell production” by Renaut Mosdale, PaxiTech
“Graphene production” by Giolio Cesareo, CEO, Directa Plus
“Battery” – Speaker to be confirmed

Moderated group discussions

How graphene can serve the energy conversion industry
Beyond PV and fuels cells, what energy conversion application could also benefit from graphene
Solar cells
Batteries and supercapacitors
H2 storage
Energy distribution

Helena Theander, PhD, Innovation Deputy, Graphene Flagship