Next steps for UK food waste policy: challenges for industry and the future of anaerobic digestion

London, United Kingdom

The Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum presents the seminar “Next steps for UK food waste policy” in Central London 17th July 2014.

This timely seminar focuses on key issues surrounding food waste, and next steps for improving efficiency across the supply chain.

Delegates will assess progress and discuss priorities, including the role of supermarkets, and others in the sector, in combating food waste, as well as progress on the European Parliament's target of a 50% reduction in food waste by 2020, with the European Commission due to release a Communication on sustainable food. It follows the release of the House of Lords EU Committee report Counting the Cost of Food Waste, which raised concerns about two-for-one deals and household waste, and recommends a five-year plan to reduce waste across the EU.

Further sessions look at latest thinking on the challenges for improving the sustainability of food packaging, changing consumer behaviour, meeting the aims of the Courtauld Commitment on food waste, and opportunities for developing the circular economy in the UK, as well as how the Government and industry can work together to improve the recovery and regeneration of food products.